Admissions Committee

Goals: Create a connection with the MBA and Undergraduate admissions offices at Wharton to welcome admits, connect with interns in the area, and welcome recent grads to our Club.

Committee Activities:

Calls with recent admits:
Be the first one to welcome the recently admitted students in New Jersey!!!!
It will only be a pleasant call – they have worked really hard to get admitted and they do not know how hard it is going to get….so call them while they are under the spell.

You will invite them to a Wharton Club of NJ event, welcome them and introduce them to the other members. You will also provide them with resources that will make their transition into their student lives easier.

In the summer be a contact to summer interns – piggy back on an on-going Wharton event and invite the interns - mingle with them and answer any questions.

In May - June (after graduation) welcome any recently graduated Whartonite coming to live or work in the Garden State. Great opportunity to give tips on how to best enjoy the region…and make sure they join the club.

Liaise with the admissions office for any help they need in the area. Be an interviewer for the Wharton admits. This job is an ad-hoc request as candidates usually go on Campus to do their interviews. Attend any specific recruiting event they might organize in the area.

Job requirements and prerequisites:
Have been a student, roughly know what is going on with Wharton.

Potential opportunities to grow:
We are actively hiring. We want to grow our membership.

We would like to recruit more recent grads including WEMBAS and undergrads. That means that we need to create an ongoing relationship with the WEMBA and undergrad office and ensure we have a process that allows them to want to join the Wharton Club of NJ when they graduate.

Other areas to explore are creating links in the Club between the young professionals and more seasoned ones, to help navigate one’s career or find areas of development.

Meeting Frequency, Schedule and Location: Main work is in January and then some through the following admission rounds: calling 10 to 15 admits takes only 2 hrs and another 2 hrs to do follow on as needed.

Some work needed in the summer for the interns (probably 3 hrs total)

Other punctual work: 1 hr

Overall team meetings: 30min every quarter

Expected Time Commitment:
Current scope : 2h to 4 hrs / qtr + 30min of team meeting /qtr

For new areas: 2h to 8hrs /qtr + 30min of team meeting /qtr

For further information, contact Desiree Castillejos, admission liaison, at 973.902.2097 [email protected]