New Board Announcement

Congratulations to the New WCNJ Board Members and Officers


This group of dedicated individuals, who were chosen from the more than 7,000 Wharton New Jersey based alumni, will lead the club to unprecedented success in the coming year. 

The new Board Members - Louise Campi, Neeta Mukerjee, and Diane Russell - will join reelected board members - Ash Ahluwalia, Charlie Mangano, Eric Michaels, Dushyant Pandit, Stu Pulvirent and Alix Rubin – and the rest of WCNJ leadership in creating new opportunities for all members. 

They will work with the new slate of officers - President Joe Gaj, Executive Vice President Jay Kingley, Secretary Susan Goldsmith, Treasurer Charlie Mangano, Membership Vice President Stuart Pulvirent, and Events Vice President Neeta Mukerjee, in their effort to extend WCNJ’s outreach to all alumni and friends. 

The Board offers special thanks and appreciation to departing board members - Diane Goldman, Bob Stein and Stan Weilgus - for their service to the club. 

We would also like show our sincere appreciation for the departing officers – President Ken Drossman, EVP Dushyant Pandit, VP Membership Susan Goldsmith, VP Events Greg Botvinik, Secretary Charlie Mangano, Treasurer Judith Sheft, and President Emeritus Ken Wolf - for their service. 

All WCNJ members are eligible to become part of the hierarchy and are encouraged to serve on any of its committees. For more information on getting involved, go to