President's Message

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Addressing the incoming class of 2014, Penn President Amy Gutmann talked about “Engagement” as follows:

“Engagement begins quite simply… with a brush of humanity—extended hands, a fist bump, a shared smile … From those unscripted, serendipitous moments, our efforts spread. Of course a smile and a handshake is not enough to move the needle on many challenges … the really tough challenges. You need deep understanding. You need collaboration and you need access to diverse ideas. That’s what you’ll find here… All you have to do is take the initiative.

“Be joiners … And keep this in mind: none of us succeeds on our own. Our individual success depends on the contributions of communities. Sure, it depends on our hard work and our talent, but that alone won’t do it. We also depend on communities. Joining is the first step. Engagement comes next.”

President Gutmann’s remarks are just as relevant to Wharton alumni here in New Jersey as they are to entering freshman at Penn. Whether you’re a recent graduate or someone who left school 10, 15 or more years ago, being engaged with the Wharton community has an immeasurable ROI.

The Wharton Club of New Jersey (WCNJ) offers alumni a unique opportunity to become – and stay – engaged with our diverse, rich and talented alumni community. Whether your objective is to extend your personal relationships with interesting, knowledgeable and stimulating people, to expand your business and career network, or to continue lifelong learning, WCNJ’s combination of monthly dinner events and special interest groups provide multiple avenues for you to engage.

Our monthly dinner events feature thought-provoking speakers and panels, including Wharton faculty, corporate CEO’s, authors, serial entrepreneurs and subject matter experts in many areas. Their topics are just as diverse.

Our special interest groups include: Wharton NJ Women; Leads Councils throughout the region to provide business development opportunities and help, and Entrepreneurs Circles for business owners to access savvy and experienced peer advice.

Another significant and productive form of engagement is to be a Club volunteer. Our committee members develop programming, coordinate our special interest groups, and take the reins of Club leadership. The Club’s sustainability depends on a steady stream of willing volunteers to assure the succession of leaders in future decades.

So I urge you to “Be joiners” and take advantage of all that WCNJ has to offer. We need you to help make the Club relevant to our trusted Wharton community in New Jersey.

Please contact me at (973) 403-7605 or if you’d like to offer your thoughts, ask questions, or be a joiner.



Ken R. Drossman

President, Wharton Club of NJ