Social Media Committee

Marketing and Social Media Committee

Goals: Increase Club membership and attendance at Club events and activities by using effective marketing techniques including social media to increase the Club’s visibility and awareness, communicate and connect with Alumni to promote the Club’s mission and activities.

Committee Activities: Committee meets by phone about 8 times a year under a rotating chair. We review the Club’s website, Facebook page, LinkedIn group, newsletters etc. and pick an area for improvement and innovation. Committee members then pick one or two initiatives and work on them independently.

Skill-Building: some club members join this committee to leverage and demonstrate their marketing skills in a not-for-profit environment. Others join the committee to learn about marketing and social media. In either case members hope to improve their game professionally.

Other benefits volunteers enjoy: Activity-based Networking, leveraging your smarts and analytics, building relationships with the other volunteers – research shows some of the strongest bonds are built in the trenches!

“The nice thing about our committee is that the time commitment is flexible, and you can improve your social marketing skills.” – Sharon K.

Meeting Frequency, Schedule and Location: Committee works virtually, meeting about 8 times a year by phone or web-conferencing. Occasionally, the committee might meet in person to build personal relationships.

Expected Time Commitment: The virtual meetings last for an hour. The time taken to execute initiatives varies and depends on how much excellence the committee member wants to bring to the activity. However, as busy professionals we set expectations that the work we take on generally takes only a few hours between the meetings


List of Current Committee Members:

John Bachmann

Sharon Kornstein

Jane Miller

Dushyant Pandit

Alix Rubin

Jay Kingley

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