The Power of Penn: More Than Ever - NEW JERSEY


In mid-2018, the Wharton School and University of Penn launched a new, multi-year capital raising campaign.  UPenn’s campaign is titled “The Power of Penn” and Wharton, which has committed to raise $1 billion of the total $4.2 billion university-wide campaign, named its campaign “More Than Ever”.

While the Wharton Club of New Jersey supports the campaign, consistent with our historical position, the Club will not engage in any direct solicitation of the Wharton alumni community in New Jersey. 

However, we would like the School and the University to recognize the Power of New Jersey’s Wharton Alumni. If you choose to contribute to the Wharton School’s More Than Ever campaign, we ask that you click on this link to make your donation online.  Using this link will:

  • Take you directly to the School’s campaign website, where you can make your donation.
  • Tag your contribution as coming from a proud member of the NJ Wharton community.

By using this link to make your contribution, the School will be able to identify the total contributions associated with our community.

As a thank you from the Wharton Club of NJ for using the link to make your contribution to the More Than Ever campaign, if you are not currently a WCNJ Supporting (dues-paying) Member, WCNJ will register you for free as a WCNJ Supporting Member for one year (open to alumni who are not currently Supporting Members), a $90 value.  Current Supporting Members will have their memberships extended by 6 months by the Club.*

Support your School and the Club will support you.  Thanks.

*WCNJ reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time in its sole discretion.