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The Wharton Club of NJ - “Bergen County Leads Council”

Build Your Professional Network with Fellow Wharton Alumni

Did you know that the Wharton Club of NJ sponsors group events in most NJ counties with the purpose of helping Wharton alum network with each other? These are the various county by county "Leads Councils" you may have seen. And during the current environment, many of the Leads Councils have continued to thrive and operate virtually, though Zoom events. Membership has been growing, as some have found it easier to attend Zoom meetings during a work day rather than leave their office.

Here's some anecdotal testimonials from some attendees:

Our meetings are always an excellent opportunity to “pick the brains” of great alumni with issues facing me in my professional practice. I have learned something new at every meeting and have been able to help some members on occasion. What better way is there to meet a diverse group of interesting people with something in common and a desire to help one another?
-- Barry Cassell, Wharton UG 1987, Penn Law 1990

I look forward to the monthly Bergen Leads Council meetings. The topics for discussion are always interesting. We’ve discussed artificial intelligence, online sports gambling, the local real estate market during the Covid pandemic, investment hypotheses, and many other topics. There is also a social aspect to the meetings which I enjoy.
-- Evan Steele, Wharton MBA 1992

I find it enriching and enjoyable to get together with a diversified peer group who I may not have otherwise met to discuss personal and professional topics in a casual setting. I also value the relationships that I have built through this network and know I have a peer group to reach out to receive feedback from and learn from regarding different matters.
-- Reshma Dave, Wharton UG 2006

Few networking groups offer the depth, power and potential of a dedicated Wharton Leads Council. I've made both good friends and professional contacts over the years with the Leads Council, and have enjoyed my time throughout.
-- Roger Saks, Wharton UG 1992

If you are interested in attending a meeting or learning more, be sure to scroll down here, and see details on your specific county's upcoming event. Bergen County will next be meeting virtually this coming Tuesday, August 25, 10am. email [email protected] for more information.

We will meet once a month -- New Members Welcome.