WCNJ Virtual Event Videos

WCNJ Program Video November 9, 2022: Wharton Club of New Jersey’s 5th Annual Entrepreneur Showcase and Pitch Event

WCNJ Webinar June 8, 2022: Insight into the Ukrainian Refugee Crisis, The Power of Faces

Zoom Meeting Recording: Click Here


WCNJ Webinar March 23, 2021: Personal Cyber Security - Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Career from Online Exploitation


WCNJ Panel Discussion February 24, 2021: Raising Capital in a Pandemic - Tips from Startup Founders Who Did It


WCNJ Panel Discussion January 27, 2021: Winning the Sustainability Battle - the CARBON way


WCNJ Fireside Chat November 17, 2020: Landing Your Career Switch: How Smart Professionals Change Careers and Seize Success


WCNJ Panel Discussion October 28, 2020: The State of Cannabis - NJ's Upcoming Ballot Referendum on Adult-Use


WCNJ Webinar September 16, 2020: Shake, Rattle & Roll: Challenging the Fundamental Laws of the Internet


WCNJ Virtual Summer Social July 29, 2020


WCNJ Webinar July 9, 2020: Navigating a Sound Marketing Strategy During Turbulent Times


WCNJ Webinar June 25, 2020: Telehealth Digital Therapeutic Integrative Care Model


WCNJ Webinar May 21, 2020: Present Your Best Self, Virtually


WCNJ Webinar May 13, 2020: Leadership - The Post COVID Perspective