Events Committee

Goals: The Events Committee generally plans one event per month with the objective of having at least 9 or 10 events per year. Most months we try to have a more formal event with a speaker or panel and a social / networking event quarterly. The types of events that we arrange include speaking engagements by C-level executives, academic experts (primarily, but not exclusively from Wharton), entrepreneurs, authors and business consultants.

Committee Activities: Ideas for events are suggested and discussed during the Committee’s monthly conference call. If the Committee approves of the idea, the person who suggested the topic is asked to chair the event. A co-chair is then selected from the Committee. (Usually, this is someone on the Committee who volunteers for the assignment).

In addition to arranging the event, we want to make sure it goes smoothly. It just takes a little bit of work and the committee members help. The Committee sets up and handles on-site registration, insures that all necessary equipment (such as microphones and projectors) is functioning properly, and makes sure that the caterer keeps to the agreed upon service timetable. We also distribute survey questionnaires to the attendees so that we can obtain feedback on the quality of the topic, speaker, and venue.

The Events Committee is open to all members of the Club. While event planning may seem completely straightforward, there are often interesting challenges in securing speakers and venues. Therefore, we encourage anyone who is interested to join the Committee and help us plan for future events that will continue to leave a lasting impression on the Club’s members and guests.