Sponsorship Committee

Goals: Sponsorship seeks to acquire and engage businesses to be financial sponsors of the Wharton Club of NJ. Sponsors can be either Annual Sponsors or Event Sponsors. Committee members not only meet with prospective sponsoring organizations to interest them in becoming Club sponsors, but maintain communication with sponsor representatives to assist them in realizing the benefits of sponsorship and involvement with the Club and its members so that they’ll continue as sponsors (renewal of annual sponsorships or periodic sponsorship of events).

Committee Activities: We need smooth-talking operators who can talk companies out of a few shekels. Seriously, Committee members need to understand the Club, its activities, the benefits of engaging with members and guests to build relationships with centers of influence, and have the ability to articulate the rights and obligations of sponsorship (we have lists to make it easy). The ability to identify potential sponsors (professional service firms, financial service firms, companies with money to spend and a link to Wharton – or not), etc. is a plus and the comfort level/confidence to represent the Club to such organizations is helpful.