The Wild World of Urban Air Mobility and Investment Opportunities

Date and Time
Tuesday, August 4, 2020
5:00pm— 6:00pm
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You are cordially invited to join Wharton Aerospace, Wharton Alumni Angels and Tech Coast Angels for a virtual discussion on The Future of Air Mobility and Smart Cities. This session is a part of a virtual series held by Wharton Aerospace.

The elevated future of mobility is far from assured, but major aircraft manufacturers, investors, and technology startups are taking the prospect of urban air transit seriously. Investors have already put hundreds of millions of dollars to develop over 100 eVTOL aircraft globally, and expect them to be operational within a decade. Some studies forecast the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) market will be worth tens of billions of dollars across the value chain. In addition to OEMs, other parts of the UAM value chain will include passenger operations, UAS traffic management, operations and maintenance, infrastructure, insurance, and financing.

And, now, the USAF has jumped in forming an initiative called Agility Prime- and they reportedly have “Airworthiness Acceleration contracts” and are looking to partner in other ways.


Nate Diller, USAF AFWERX Agility Prime - the promise of Flying Orbs

Starr Ginn, NASA Langley, UAM Challenge Lead

Brian Schettler, Boeing Horizon X

Trevor Pawl, Chief Mobility Officer, Michigan

Jia Xu, Director, UAM, Honeywell

Kirsten Bartow, Air Finance

Moderator: Morton Lin, Jet Blue Ventures


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We are asking for $5 for each session in order to donate to Feeding America, to support those most in need of our support!


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