Club Photographer

Goals: Stating the obvious, to create a photographic record of Club activities and history that can be shared on the Club website and via social media (e.g., FaceBook, LinkedIn), and which can be used in Club marketing.

Activities: Duh! Take pictures at Club activities! Good pictures that feature our speakers, members and guests. Upload the pictures to our archive on (we can consider an alternative). What’s in it for you? The opportunity to have fun taking photos.

Frequency and Schedule: Ideally, be present at as many Club activities as you can be (all month evening events and periodically at Wharton NJ Women, Leads Councils, etc.).

Expected Time Commitment: 4-8 hours a month (including attending the events).


List of Current Members in this role:

Charlie Mangano

Jane Hindes Miller

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We need 3 or 4 Club photographers who rotate the responsibility at different events.