Relaunch of WIN

Wharton Interactive Network (WIN)


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Wouldn't you like to be able to help your fellow Club members by responding to questions where you can be of assistance? Wouldn't you like to have a network of peers that could quickly respond to questions that you might have? Questions such as...

  • Our firm is seeking new office space in Bergen County. Does anybody know of a good commercial real estate broker who services that area? 
  • I have two extra tickets to next week's Nets game - any takers? 
  • My company has an open position for a VP of Marketing - does anyone know of someone qualified and potentially interested? 
  • My daughter is completing her first year at Wharton undergrad. Do any of you know of any finance summer intern programs at your company - and could you provide a referral contact? 
  • We are planning a corporate retreat within a 3 hour driving distance of NYC - any ideas/suggestions as to where to go?

In support of our efforts to continually add services that are of high value to our membership, the Wharton Club of New Jersey has re-launched our Wharton Interactive Network (WIN) program.

The Wharton Interactive Network (WIN) is a Wharton-only, closed LinkedIn group that facilitates our assistance to one another, be it the need for staff, employment, advice, referrals, obtaining or disposing of other resources such as space, furnishings, and the like. Inquiries can be of a business or personal nature.
The one thing WIN can’t be used for – to sell products or services – so you won’t be deluged with advertising and solicitations.
Like the main WCNJ LinkedIn Group, you'll need to request to join. Click this link, request to join, and we'll let you in typically within a day of receiving your request. We look forward to lending or receiving a hand as part of WIN.