Community Etiquette Guidelines

An essential part of the Wharton Club of NJ's mission is to provide a forum for establishing relationships and networking among members. To enhance the trust that is the foundation for building relationships, appropriate behavior is encouraged while unwanted solicitation is discouraged.

Rather than writing complex rules to define every potential offending behavior, examples of appropriate and unacceptable behaviors are provided below. The Board will consider the spirit of individual actions and feedback from offended members. If there is any doubt whether an action might be inappropriate, individuals should contact the Club President for guidance before engaging in the uncertain conduct. Members who are offended by the conduct of a fellow member of the community should also contact the Club President (even if specific action is not requested, this assists the Board in raising awareness throughout the Club). The Board reserves the right to take appropriate action to maintain a community that encourages trusted networking and relationships.

Examples of encouraged conduct:

  • You become aware of 2 members who would benefit from knowing each other. Ask 1 of the members if they would like you to share their contact information with the other and then follow through to make the referral (do not provide any contact information without this prior consent).
  • Contact a member to offer to buy or request information about a product or service they sell. 
  • Contact a member believed to be able to offer advice on a matter of business or personal interest.

Examples of inappropriate conduct:

  • Mass mailing or e-mail. 
  • Blind contact or cold calls.
  • Contacting another member in an effort to sell a product or service, unless the member has specifically requested information.