WhartonTalks Videos


WhartonTalks is a forum for WCNJ members to share their knowledge and passion with other members and beyond. Our inaugural event, held on March 29, 2017, was well attended and received. The 15 - 18 minute presentations given by our four speakers were video taped and are now available for viewing by Club members and the public. 

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 Speaking with your Heart: Enhancing Executive Presence through Passion

Sharon Kornstein, AICI, CIP – Founder, ImageDesign, LLC

As an image consultant, Sharon is trained to enhance the visual appearance of others. To achieve their optimal executive presence, however, Sharon believes she must tap into more than her clients’ physical characteristics, and she shareS what those other attributes are.




 madhur_aggarwal.jpgExponential Thinking

Madhur Aggarwal - General Manager, SAP Digital Commerce

In a global economy where ideas are turned into billion dollar businesses in increasingly more compressed cycles, Exponential Thinking is at the root of many of the success stories. Given that the rate of change is itself accelerating, the mindset of abundance – thinking without constraints - that comes from Exponential Thinking is a must to create and compete today.



jay_kingley_2.jpgBusiness Networking: Why It Fails for Most and How to Make It Worth Your Time (Not the usual pablum about how to work the room!)

Jay Kingley - Managing Partner, Lionshare Partners

Business networking is best described as the Siren Song of Serendipity but as we all know serendipity is not a strategy. Jay discusses the 3 reasons why networking often has a very low ROI and give tips on how to do it better, which he shows are mostly irrelevant. He reveals the one major change that has taken place in our world that makes networking essential to survival for proprietors, professionals, franchisees, and account managers. Jay concludes by re-framing networking so that it can be your primary customer acquisition engine.





Changing Business Models Using the Internet of Things

Siddharth Saran, Corporate Finance Adviser, Orca Advisory, LLC

We’ve all heard about the Internet of Things and Connected Devices. Many of us have connected thermostats like the Nest and connected locks like August. Is this hype? Why is this emerging phenomenon so powerful and what can it do for us in the future?